Friday, 10 February 2012

Harrison Fabrication Lifting Limited - Main Distributor for Liftket Electric Chain Hoists

Harrison Fabrication Lifting Limited is the main distributor in the United Kingdom of Liftket Electric Chain Hoists, which are manufactured in Germany and one of the most advanced products in the market.
All of the hoists are fitted with a special patented clutch/brake system, which prevents load slip.
The new range of hoists has no comparison around the globe today.

The hoist range, which is 125kg to 25tonnes, is designed for heavy duty usage and are extremely maintenance free.

The initial Design of the Liftket Hoist has shown the change to Low Headroom Hoists by placing the motor and the gear on one horizontal level, the first electric chain hoist on the market to do this.

The list of Optional Extras is quite extensive. All Liftket Hoists are available with either direct or low voltage control; many can be fitted with encoders, electromechanical load sensors, double brakes and variable speed controls.
Star Liftket Electric Chain Hoist

Monday, 23 January 2012

Adjustable Mobile Gantry installed at Government Research Centre

Harrison Fabrication Lifting Limited recently designed, manufactured, delivered to site, erected and tested an Adjustable Mobile Gantry that is fitted with a Liftket Electric Chain Hoist.

The site is located in the East Midlands and is a Funded Government Research Centre.

The Adjustable Mobile Gantry is fitted with two hand winches, so the gantry can be raised and lowered quickly and smoothly. When the gantry has reached it's correct height there are two pins, one either side of the lifting beam, which the pins locate into holes in the "A" Frames.

The safe working load of the gantry is 2000kg, with a lifting height of 4metres, and a dimension between the "A" Frames of 3.5metres.

The gantry has an adjustable height, so the it can be moved from one room to another. The closed height is low enough to enable the gantry to go through low height doors.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Glass Storage Rack - Manufactured

Harrison Fabrication Lifting Limited recently designed and manufactured a Glass Storage Rack for a Local Glazing Company. The Glass Rack was manufactured to suit a wide range of glass panels and as the pictures show, wood and rubber was added to protect the glass from the metalwork.

Free-Standing Power Slewing Jib Cranes

Harrison Fabrication Lifting Limited recently designed, manufactuered and erected two off Free-Standing Power Slewing Jib Cranes, which have a Safe Working Load of 2000kg each. Each Jib Crane has a 360 degree slewing angle and are both fitted a Star Liftket Electric Chain Hoist. The Jib Cranes have a height of 4metres from the Jib Beam to the floor and a have a radius of 5metres. The Jib Cranes are fitted within a New Factory Unit in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Kuli Wire Rope Hoists - Harrison Fabrication Lifting Limited

KULI Wire Rope Hoists

Harrison Fabrication Lifting Limited have been using KULI Wire Rope Hoists for a least 10 years and use the hoists for all wire rope hoist applications. Delivery Times are a key part of using KULI hoists as they quote 6 to 8 weeks and always deliver on time. Our Customers do not want to wait for 12 to 14 weeks for a wire rope hoist, they want the crane and hoist manufactured and installed as quickly as possible.

The KULI electric wire rope hoists represent more than eighty years of experience in the design and manufacture of lifting equipment, and combine modern design and engineering technology to produce a range of hoists which comply with DIN, FEM and ISO standards.
Compact design and modular construction are a unique feature of the KULI wire rope hoists. This modular construction enables various combinations of hoists to be easily constructed, to give a range of foot mounted, fixed suspension, standard and close headroom monorail hoists and double girder crab units. Electric motors, brakes and all gearing are specifically designed for hoisting duty and are manufactured in their works under their control, and are subjected to strict quality tests for safety and reliability.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Crane End Carriages - Top-Running or Underslung

Harrison Fabrication Lifting Limited is the UK's Leading Independent Manufacturer of Top-Running or Underslung Crane End Carriages. HFL Limited offer a very extensive range with any Safe Working Load or Crane Span catered for. Each set of End Carriages can be Push Travel, Hand-Geared or Powered, which is supplied with a 2-speed motor as standard. Bespoke Wheel Boxes can also be manufactured to replace obsolete wheel boxes.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Adjustable Mobile Gantry

Adjustable Mobile Gantry with Hand Winches for Ease of Use

HFL Limited manufacture an Adjustable Mobile Gantry, which can be made to a varying height and width, that is fitted with hand winches to raise and lower the lifting beam to a series of different heights. Gantries can be made in a number of safe working loads ranging from 500kg to 5000kg. Swivel castors with thumb brakes and parking jacks for the larger versions are fitted as standard. The hand winches are fitted with a wire rope which goes through a series of pulleys, which raises and lowers the lifting beam.